Date night with Mom and Noelle and Training before the race!

22 Mar

Tonight I wet to the VAZ Modern Beauty event in Hartford with Mom and Noelle! It was fun we got some free stuff, including Bobbi Brown foundation and some curl cream. I am pumped most about those, especially since with my new straightener I can still wear my hair in curls! It was a bracelet themed day as before we got there I had to pick myself up a new garmin!

I will be refurbishing mine and selling it to Krystle for cheap, because I am so fed up and needed one for the race! I cannot live without this thing and it somehow deleted its software and the troubleshooting advice they gave me worked then the update froze and nothing! BOOOOOOOOOO! Oh well glad to be getting it fixed and helping a friend as well!

Then while at the expo Mommy bought me a bunch of colored bangles and this…

Alex and Ani’s Russian Gold Fleur De Lis Bangle. SUPER CUTE and I am so thankful to have such a great mommy! They all have really special meanings and energies they are supposed to bring you. To be honest it did not matter if this one brought me sorrow, I would have gotten it! I love Fleur de Lis and this is so beautiful!!!!

Finally this morning I went to work out with Jeff, that was hard but a good workout! I was so tired and extremely sweaty no clue why! It was good though, and with everything going on I did not have a chance to run before it got dark so I figure I will get my last good workout before the race in tomorrow morning 2 miles max! No strength training though! The last lesson of todays post will be….never wear Jelly Shoes when its 80* outside and you get blisters from them….yea going to be a fun race MORON!

Tomorrow I will post pictures of my new workout clothes I got and probably post 80000 times how excited I am for the race and for hunger games!!! BOTH SATURDAY!!!!


One Response to “Date night with Mom and Noelle and Training before the race!”

  1. Kim March 24, 2012 at 11:13 am #

    I wanted to wish you a “GOOD RACE” today but by now you are probably done or still running. I bet it was great to see your college pals again. Enjoy the movie and … I’m looking at my neighbors behind me who have a chicken in their yard tied to a rope… pet or dinner???

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