3.1 Miles of Memories Race

25 Mar

So yesterday was race day! I was a bit nervous as it was only my second race ever! i was also really glad that Dan ran it with me, he is a great guy!

The night before we went to Chili’s for dinner then home to bed I was exhausted! Sorry we did not make it to your birthday party Nicole but I knew if we did go after dinner (it was already 9pm) I would get sucked into staying up way too late from having too much fun! For dinner I got tacos and rice and beans. I figured those are nice carbs/protein mix and probably an okay food to eat before the race.

I could lie and tell you I did not finish that plate of food but I did and it was worth it!

It probably had something to do with the fact that earlier in the day I went to Costco for work and did not have time to eat. I did discover that people should probably pay me to pack their items from Costco into their cars because I am a professional!

We had a spring BBQ and Ladies Only party at work yesterday so this was all the supplies. Those strawberries were the best treat ever when I got back to work though!

Anyway after dinner we went home and I got things ready for the race.

I bought this Thursday night and was so glad to have it (my old one will be refurbished and sold to Krystle for cheap). You will hear all about why it was a necessity in a moment!

Onto Race Day:

I woke up at 7am got dressed and went outside to do a bit of stretching and warm up running, we had an hour drive but my legs were tight and I was worried about that with a hilly area like Terryville.

After about a quarter mile I cam back inside to discover Dan was dressing for the race and would be running it with me! I was so happy as yesterday was also our 6 month wedding anniversary so it was nice to spend the whole day together!

I went out to the car inputed the address and waited for Dan who apparently thought we were super hungry for pre race fuel!

We actually did not even end up eating any of it, oh well! We did however take pre-workout powder mixed into water, its something Dan bought at GNC I only use it pre-race and it is good for that because eating before bothers my stomach!

So we arrived at the race and it was time to run after collecting our goodie bags and Dan registering. Since I pre-registered I got a T-Shirt as well, it is really awesome, but I cannot wear it anywhere, due to one of the sponsors being our direct competition. I would rather not advertise another business.

Then it was time to race! The race was really small, which was a good thing because the beginning and finish line areas would have been super tight if not. Dan and I were doing okay (averaging a 9:59/minute mile) Which is great for me and even with hills! Then the hills finally got to my legs and I had to walk short intervals and even out my pace. Once this one done I had no problem running and that showed in my splits, until we rounded the corner and saw the monster hill!

I believe the words that came from Dans mouth were “oh come on”, and sadly it just kept going and getting steeper. So we walked a bit and must have been looking rough because I spectator told us it would be okay and there was water once the hill ended. We hit mile 2 wile on the hill and still had about a quarter mile until the water and hill end….rough city! After that though the course flattened out and then even went a bit downhill from there then stayed pretty flat the rest of the way with an uphill run to the finish line.

The only discouraging thing in it all was I was so proud of myself for running the whole way after the hill was over and I hit three miles and man were my calves on fire, but I told myself it was only.10 more and I could do that for sure! This is where having my watch came in handy, because I could see that it was almost 35 minutes, a whole minute 26 better than my last race time and I was going to beat it. Then I looked up and was NOT at the finish line WHAT!?!?!?

I hit 3.1 miles at 35:11, I made sure to note that, especially since our last race was 3.1 miles. Then I kept going, the race finally finished at 3.34 miles, thank god for my garmin or else I would have been so mad at myself for finishing a 3.1 mile race in 37:24. Even with the hills I know I am better than my last race time because I put the work in to make myself better plus my splits rocked. (Aside from mile 2 due to the hill!)


Mile 1: 11:03…elevation gain 86 loss 63

Mile 2: 12:45…elevation gain 131 loss 20 (huge hill)

Mile 3:  10:23…proud of that!

.34: 3:13

I did PR if you count it at the 35:11, which I am because that is technically a 5k!

So overall it was a good race. I left my phone in the car so there was no post race food picture, but it was a mini chicken salad sandwich, a piece of a turkey bacon wrap and a banana. Delicious! Plus it is always good to see college friends and to celebrate Lizzy’ life as she was such a special person to us all!

Then it was time to go to work and hunger games. That will be a separate post though, a I have rambled WAY too much in this one!


One Response to “3.1 Miles of Memories Race”

  1. Tamarra March 25, 2012 at 10:08 am #

    Bob and I are so proud of you and Dan. Congratulations on your run. Job well done! Love, T&B

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