Super Easy Dinner and Really Good Running!

27 Mar

Today was great after the whole 3 hours of Finny Sickness! I was able to get half our upstairs cleaned and a bunch of laundry done. I decided for a treadmill run so I could keep up with cleaning. I think my treadmill was really happy to see me! I restarted Ease into 10k Day 1 Week 1. I did that because my endurance has built up and because after tapering I felt like I was not going strong enough in the program to advance. I was so happy with the performance I got! I know I rested my body enough for the run and went fast and upped my incline to 3 I usually do 2.

2.27 in 26:08 is pretty darn good. Why the 8 seconds you ask? Well Finny got sick behind the treadmill and I paused it but not my ease into program and wanted everything to be even. Feeling good, as I did not finish the cool down, if I did the work out would have been 29 minutes. My first time doing ease into 10k I did the same workout in 2.32 in 29 minutes, clearly would have done better this time!

Then it was time for cleaning and you know what else….

YES MURDER SHE WROTE!…..Dont tell me you do not have a hello kitty crown on the TV in your bedroom because I know you do :).

Then I made the easiest yet best dinner!

Hamburger, and stir fry veggies with some taco seasoning.

Line Bowls with Sandwich Flat Breads found HERE

FIll with Romaine lettuce, top with some Lipton Fajita Rice and your meat mixture.

Tope with mango peach salsa and hot sauce….YUM!

To round out my great day I finally got my Free Gift From Victorias Secret in the mail!

 This baby is so bright and big it will be making the trip to Mexico with me in May! Plus score because i bought a bathing suit and got it free!!!!

Does anyone have any good recipes to share for dinners?

Does anyone know of a good race I can do in April I am shooting for one a month?!?!


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