Family Dinners and A Wonderful Childhood.

29 Mar

I wanted to start the post by saying I gave myself two days off from running. Yes I felt bad about it but it was for good reasons! Wednesday I was super concerned about the dog and wanted to stay close to him so outside was out of the question. I also did not want a reoccurance of Tuesdays events with him getting sick behind the treadmill. So on the couch he went with a blanket while I cleaned and then came to sit with him POOR BABY! Then today between working until 8 and a weird pain in the top of my foot/shin I figured another rest day was in order.

So now lets get into the heart of today’s post…..

Last night was Family Dinner at my Grandmas. I was trying to keep Finny outside for a long time incase he got sick. While I was looking around outside her house I thought back to playing there as a child and how beautiful it was, and how lucky we (Harry and I) were to be raised in that type of environment. We lived next to them growing up and they lived at the edge of the woods so we always went on “adventures” to the bridge where the Trolls lived and on a really beautiful trail!

This tree is the entrance to the trail behind their house. It is also right near where we would split and stack wood into a pile with our Grandfather. He taught us many lessons, not only about cultivating our imaginations, but also of hard work! Clearly in the summer the area is that much more beautiful.

They also had a large garden and many fruit trees, we loved to play in them and eat fresh apples.

We also had areas where we played sports and Grandma and Grandpa even built us a soccer net, though neither of us really enjoyed soccer much!

Finny loves being at her (my grandfather passed away 11 years ago this year) house! Before (a couple years) he died he planted a  bunch of Christmas Trees. Harry and I used them as a maze and had a lot of fun in them. They just look beautiful now!

I would honestly never change anything about our childhood and am so grateful to have been raised in part by such wonderful people! My grandmother is still my hero to this day!

For family dinner last night was had pasta, she made homemade meatballs….I told you hero! She also bought these cupcakes….the remind me of color me rad! The race will be run by Me, Noelle, Jess (see Cupids Chase Run), and my AUNTS AND UNCLE BOB SIGNED UP! They are the coolest ever!!!! Now I will leave you with food pictures and a Finny sick baby picture! Have a nice night.



2 Responses to “Family Dinners and A Wonderful Childhood.”

  1. runningcorgi March 29, 2012 at 11:29 pm #

    You’re lucky to have such beautiful childhood memories with your grandparents. My grandparents all passed away early. It is so cool you will run a race with your friends and family! Good decision to give your body an extra day to rest. Don’t feel bad about it. Cute Finny is still sick?

    • Alex K March 30, 2012 at 5:38 am #

      He was fine last night but not Wednesday night. I am so glad he is better!

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