The Food of Birthday Weekend!

1 Apr

WARNING: WE DID NOT EAT HEALTHY THIS WEEKEND….but it was Dan’s birthday and everyone deserves a cheat day :)!

Yesterday morning we went to breakfast at a local restaurant Mitchell’s. They had Biscuits and Gravy as a special, and I always get that if a restaurant has it! I know it is not the best for you, but I also knew we were not going to be eating lunch or dinner, just snacks for the rest of the day.

It was really good….not as good as the cosmic omelet, but good.

After that we went to my Mom and Dad’s house to ready it for the party and also get things ready for our work fashion show, which was also last night.

Stapling 100 order forms on the floor of their house.

Zoe girl was also very tired from all the activity.

Then it was off to the fashion show for me 5-8pm, and Dan had fun at home, then time for the party. The party was very fun, however drinking water and having a long day and being up until 3:30 am do not mix. It was a long but fun night, plus I had a sick husband to take care of, since he was indulging a bit too much! Oh well, he had a great birthday and was a happy man!

This morning I made him he breakfast of hangover champions :).

Eggs, milk and cinnamon mixed together in a bowl, dredge bread into it. Make french toast, cut up a half a banana and place on top. Add syrup, and two brown and serve sausage links. Pour orange juice and bring it to your still sleeping hubby at noon…..


Now it is time to relax then get ready for birthday dinner with the in-laws. Detoxing majorly after this weekend! Also due to the strong soreness in my legs I was not running, but will have a new running post and info on my April race tonight!!!

Please leave comments below and not on my facebook :). I like to know who is reading!!!!!


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