Disappointed in today and Changing the name of the blog……

3 Apr

To big boob runner. No I am not really doing that but in the past two days 8 people have found my blog by searching big boob runner on google…..are you serious! Why?!?!?! I know by typing this I just upped that amount and i realize I have a larger chest than most runners and can give advice to those similarly portioned but come on. I doubt most of those searches have anything to do with advice and that people are sorely disappointed when they get to the blog!

Which brings me to my next topic being disappointed in todays efforts. 2 miles WALKED, yes that is right walked in 33:03! Pretty disappointed in myself, but glad I got out there and did it.I had to walk because as soon as we started going (Nicole and I), my legs cramped up really hard in my calves, which haven’t hurt or been bothering me this whole time! Granted the 16:31 pace kind of makes me upset. However I do realize that all day at work I did not want to do anything but come home and not do any working out! A good job defeating my self doubt. I will be stretching massive amounts tonight!

Other than the walking the day was just fine! I am still sticking to my diet. For breakfast I had Banana Cheerio’s, a Banana sliced into them and low fat milk. For lunch I had green grapes and this…..

I know the homemade guacamole looks like poop, but once i stirred it into the same salad as yesterday and added a bit of dressing it was so divine! For dinner tonight I am going to make a chicken stir fry….I have been looking forward to it all day! I know it is better for me personally to not eat meat at every meal, but I do miss it!


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