The 5 Birthday Celebration!!!!

4 Apr

Tonight’s family dinner was a special one. We celebrated 5 birthdays! I took today off from running due to that and being over tired because of my dear Finny keeping me up from 3:30 am- 6:00am! Anyway back to the birthdays! We celebrate my Aunt Tamarra’s March 17th, my Grandma’s March 30th, Daniel’s March 31st, my Little Brother Harry’s April 7th…and my LITTLE BOY FINNY WILL BE 5 TOMORROW! OMG I cannot believe 5 years has passed so quickly!

For dinner we had pork tenderloin….if you know me or have EVER read the blog you know I do not eat pork, so side dishes it was!

Bread, roasted cauliflower, asparagus, bernaise sauce, potaotes and a salad with french dressing (added after). YUM GO GRANDMA!


4 of the five cakes/pies we had the two cupcake cakes were beyond cute!

The last cake, and Finny’s Birthday card from my Aunt Kim!

THE FAMILY! My Aunt Tamarra in white, Mom behind her, My aunt Kim to her right, Uncle Bob, Dan, Grandma and my Brother Harry, Dad was next to me while I took the picture!

Then my dessert plate,

White cake with strawberries, chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting and banana split ice cream….glad I will be working that off in the AM!

A good night indeed and now I am off to bed, appointment with Jeff tomorrow at 6am, run with Krystle at 7am, then work!


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