Realizing you are not as young as you thought you were…..

6 Apr

Has this happened to you yet? I have to tell you if it has not it will and it is a doozy! Last night we left work and headed to my parents. Mom took us and Harry and his friend Owen to see Kevin James, at the Casino. Harry’s birthday is tomorrow so be ready for another Happy Birthday post. Anyway because it was Harry’s birthday weekend we stayed out late till like 1 am! That is super late for me on a Thursday night I was half sleeping during the show and when I woke up this morning realized I just cannot hang like I used to. Here is what happened……

We get to the casino make a dinner reservation and then had a drink at the Martini Bar there. 

I apologize for the super dark pictures, but everywhere was pretty dimly lit and I have an Iphone 3gs…so no flash! That was a pear martini and boy was it good, but also super strong, my mom had a sip and was like god thats strong….bad news for a person who rarely drinks!

Then it was time for dinner at Michael Jordan’s, the sport bar not the steakhouse…..Dan had a beer, and I drank and MVP which is like a grateful dead in taste, but I dont know what was in it. Then I decided to have another before we left. I am thankful for the amount of food I ate for dinner, as my workday was super hectic and I had only had a salad prior to all of this!


Bbq Chicken Spring Rolls…amazing I could have eaten a plate of them!        Blackened Chicken Pasta is also always a winner!

Also Harry and Owen were doing shots of Jameson……Ridiculous, I would have been passed out somewhere for sure….

Again sorry about the darkness…Harry is in the Green, I told them they dressed like twins, they are also roomates, so you know they planned it!

Then it was time for the show, we had really good seats, even though the picture I am about to post makes it seem as if we were far away. If you have an Iphone you know what I am talking about with the camera doing that!

Darn white lights washing it out! The picture did not come out too great, but I did take a video of him saying hes a Met’s and Jet’s fan. I am pretty sure that made Harry’s night!

This was Dan and I at dinner, what a bad angle for me..the curse of my super round face strikes again!

The show ended at like 9:30, I was so excited we would go home to bed, but no we went to gamble. I DONT GAMBLE, I think it is pointless. Mom gave me 100.00 to gamble and I couldnt do it. I ended up giving it back to her at 63.00 and she was going to gamble it all away. So I asked her if I could keep $20.00 and she said yes….technically I won $20.00 last night WOO HOO!

Then at around 11 we did leave. Finally we are headed home…NOPE. Harry wanted to go to the Willimantic Brewing Company, I think that is what it is called, it was my first time there. Dan and I got Blueberry beer….it was so good, almost like a grape soda. I could not finish it though since my stomach was so full. I was drinking water like it was my job last night as well, since I have to work today!

Mom and the birthday boy!

So thank you family and Owen….Oh and Marc (we work with him, he is also a family friend and he used Dad’s ticket since he did not want to be stuffed in a seat with his sling from surgery.) For a fun night, but also for letting me realize that I just cannot hang with the likes of mid 20 year olds and their partying ways, especially since I had to sleep in today in order to be a functioning worker….thank god for Mom’s who are also your boss, who let you do things like that. Because you are 90 years old and cannot stay out late anymore!


One Response to “Realizing you are not as young as you thought you were…..”

  1. Kim April 6, 2012 at 5:36 pm #

    Wow, what an old married couple you guys are. I believe that you and Dan are also at the mid-twenties age. Was Kevin James really funny? It looks like you had a grand time. Love Kim

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