Believing in Yourself

9 Apr

That was todays motto! I am always super hard on myself about a lot of things so today was a really great day for believing that I could do whatever I put my mind to. This morning I had a workout with Jeff. It was very good and really tiring. You should know he has me do pushups and I always do girl pushups on my knees. Today he had me try to do real ones! We always do a circuit three times all the way through on our workout. The first time I did 10 or 12 knee ones. (Sorry I cant remember how many it was.) The second time I did one real one rested, then did another real one and then 8 on my knees. The third time I did 2 real ones and then 10 on my knees. This may seem super pathetic to some people and at the time also did to me. However I realize looking back that it was an accomplishment and a sign that I am building some assemblance of upper body strength and total strength.

Then it was time for a run with Krystle. Usually after any training with Jeff my runs really suffer, my legs are tired and sore and just not into it. This time however I was feeling really good. I of course ran intervals today, as I did not want to push it with my legs being worked hard already. We went 2.86 miles in 36:20, which is a 12:42 pace, which is pretty good for a nice base building run. It was pretty fun and almost effortless compared to my recent after training runs.I did have to tell myself to keep running at one point. I know everything with running is a mental battle, mind over matter and today I beat my mind from telling me I could not do something. I wish that we could all do this for ourselves every day!

Sorry no pictures in this post, but an Easter filled post is on its way tonight!


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