Easter Madness

9 Apr

Dan and I both have large families. Our families love the holidays and we love spending them with them, but two dinners every holiday is not the best for your waistline or for time management…..and thus EASTER MADNESS!

Dinner at my parents was at 1pm, and Dan was late. He went to ride his bicycle with his friend Ricky and the boys got a bit lost. Thus Dan didnt make it to their house until 2pm. We were supposed to get to his parents for three….I was a happy camper towards him for this whole situation! :). So we ate without him….dont worry he ate after when he did get there.

Yummy, yummy! Potatoes and corn, my grandmas pineapple stuffing, my memeres baked beans, asparagus with bernaise sauce and a crescent roll!

HAHA Ignore my feet as well, my heels were hurting so they had to go!

I do not like Ham so it didn’t make the cut!

Here is a picture of the spread, and Dan in there as well!

Then it was time for dessert and then off to the Karnolts! (My In-laws)


Big shout out to Memere for making this Trifle for us! (at my request) YESTERDAY WAS DEF A CHEAT DAY!

My in-laws rock, but also are super tempters! Yes those are Hershey’s cookies and cream drops, that and anything mint chocolate is my FAVORITE! Guess what else was in there MINT M&M’S all that candy went into the cabinet and out of sight! The basket is Dan’s Easter basket from when he was younger! I was so glad to have it so I can give it to our kids.

I do not have any food pictures from their house because I was so full I could not eat, but man what a spread they had! The best had to be the scalloped potatoes my Mom in law made! So good, I of course had to try those, I mean cheat day and all! So it was a very Happy Easter and we al had a great day and were very tired…right Zoe!


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