Rough Days! (and some soup)

10 Apr

I know my posts are usually super upbeat and I do hide bad things that happen from the blog, because why do you care for one. Secondly because I want this to be cheerful and inspiring. I have to say though yesterday-today was quite a day. This will be my only post today but we will get to why later.

First yesterday I cleaned the entire downstairs of our house, just have the floors left. While doing that though this happened…


Thank god for Hello Kitty Band-Aids right. My middle finger got sliced open by the bannister of our stairwell, when I put my purse over it! My thumb got sliced when I was reaching into my scentsy supplies bag and gave myself a plastic cut against one of the wax containers. Not only did I shred skin on both of them but they also bled like crazy!

Things got a bit better when I made a really good soup! I took a bag of frozen soup I bought at the store, it was tortellini florentine. Then I added some pasta, some red pepper soup and steamed veggies. This was so good!

I always steam veggies over pasta while it cooks, perfect double boiler if you dont have one! the other pan has the already cooked frozen soup with the roasted red pepper already added.

The finished product….goood thing Dan was at the gym I would be getting yelled at using my computer like a table.

So finally we come to why yesterday as so bad. I fell asleep at 9pm, I did not understand why I was so tired. I woke up at 1:50am and could not go back to sleep, I was so sick! I for some reason watched all of season one of sister wives on Netflix in the time it took me to fall back asleep and in between sick trips! I finally fell back asleep at 6:30am and Dans work alarm went off at 7. Since then I have had a massive headache, felt dehydrated and sick to my stomach. So probably no running today, hope you all have a nice Tuesday I am going back to bed!


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