Running, eating and other fun things….

12 Apr

Yesterday after work I went for a run with Krystle, I was still a bit sick from Tuesday so I wanted to go slow. We went 1.79 miles in 23 minutes. Not the best, but pretty darn good for not feeling my best! Then it was time to head to Grandma’s for family dinner where I had this….

She made everyone else breaded chicken, but because of my diet there were no breadcrumbs in sight! Plus some black beans and mixed veggies…it was great! I tried to pick around the corn but still got some! It was so good and i feel special that my grandma makes me special foods!

As for todays eating, for lunch I had ground chicken cooked with garlic, cumin, and some chili powder. I also cooked it with black beans and topped it over romaine lettuce and cucumbers then added salsa. Clearly everyone knows what that looks like so no picture. As for breakfast I made this….

I set out to make a version of a chicken-chorizo no potato hash, but didnt have zucchini. Plus I improvised a bit.

This is the finished product, here is how I got there.

Step 1: Take Chorizo and Chicken Jalapeno Sausage and fry up in NO OIL!

Step 2: Take cut up peppers and onions and fry in the same pan without the meat.

Step 3: Add some jarred minced Garlic and some of the sauce and the meat!

Then you get to the finished product! Happy eating! I am off to run then enjoy dinner with some co-workers!


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