The lazy blogger and My Scentsy Launch Party

14 Apr

So let me start the post by saying I have not ran in 2 days…but it was due to having no time more so than no desire and for good reason! I had Mother Daughter Dinner last night with my Mother and Sister in law and my MIL’s best friend Cheryl and her step daughters, daughters, and their children. It was a lovely time! This is the dinner we had!

Yummy! Good times indeed!

This morning this happened…

I know you wish you had to scramble this many eggs to serve t a bunch of customers at your job right when you get up! I was so happy to do it….not even sarcastic!

I also want to fill you in on the fact that I have not run since Wednesday, more so due to a time crunch than anything. I will probably not run today either because of the race tomorrow morning, and because I have been having a bit of tummy issues today…ICK!

Tomorrow after the race is my Scentsy Launch Party for my side business. I started doing Scentsy because as Newly Weds we are trying to save more money for Kids and a House, while paying down our current debts! I picked Scentsy because it is such an amazing company with great products that are so good they practically sell themselves! I will be making some samples tonight and having the party tomorrow at 2pm at my Parents house. If anyone wants to come they can email me at for directions, or you can check out my website.

You can place an order for my launch on the website, you can also book parties or sign up to become a consultant yourself! It is something to look into! Plus starting May 1st they will also be offering Fondue warmers and Belgian Chocolate….pretty sweet combo!

I hope everyone has a really nice weekend!


One Response to “The lazy blogger and My Scentsy Launch Party”

  1. Kim April 14, 2012 at 9:06 pm #

    Good Luck on your race. See you tomorrow.

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