Run Diva Run Race….how did it go?!?!

16 Apr

The answer is not too bad, it was my best time by almost a minute! But I was not feeling well at all and could have rocked this race out if I did! Krystle and I definitely kept with the theme of the pink while staying true to our job.

Harley-Davidson WOO! We also got medals which was really cool and unexpected! On a side note if you notice the black fishnets to the left and the pink shirt, you should know this was a MAN! He really rocked the costume aspect of the race, even wearing earrings and pink lipstick!

Krystle’s Boyfriend Tom not so much!

He also did not get a medal, not sure why everyone else had one, maybe it was the mohawk! HA.

Tommy smoked us and finished the race way before us, Krystle was about 2 minutes ahead of me….thanks to my Aunt Kim for coming to spectate and letting us know since niether of them checked their times as they crossed the finish!

You know I did and I was upset with myself, I am always hard on myself. This was kind of out of my control, but I still wanted to do my best and I know 34:33 was NOT my best. Better than my last race YES, but MY best no. I know I can do better and I will. I am glad I know what a crappy race feels like now, but would rather never feel it again!

On a good note though, hot pink “free” shirts and pink ribbon candy at the end of the race YES please and the highlight of my day!

Hey pink shoes and my socks!

Finally I had my one meal of the day, (I was scared to eat because I didnt feel well) thanks Mom and Dad for a great and slow carb dinner!


One Response to “Run Diva Run Race….how did it go?!?!”

  1. Kim April 17, 2012 at 5:53 pm #

    There were a lot of people who were behind you too so don’t beat yourself up. That pink ribbon candy looks huge. What’s up with that?

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