Have a little faith….

17 Apr

After Sundays race I was really down on myself for not doing my best. I was heading into my workout with Jeff yesterday at 11 am and was worried about how I would do. I was feeling better yes but my confidence in myself was pretty shot at this point. I knew the workout would not be leg centric due to my race the day before, but I was still nervous as my upper body strength leaves a lot to be desired. I had also gotten my special monthly visitor right before leaving work so I figured great cramping is coming my way and that ruins workouts! So I got to Jeff’s did my 5 minute rowing warm up, and it was time to get to work. The circuit was Bosu Ball squats, Hamstring curls, PUSHUPS (I hate them more on this after), situps on the ball, one arm pull downs, seated rotations with a weight, planks, I might have forgotten something but do you really need to know EVERYTHING I DID? The pushups are what were currently discussing anyway :).

So yea, I hate pushups! Jeff has just recently been making me do real ones not on my knees. Our circuits are done in 3’s, the first set of pushups I did 8….much better than the 3 I did last time! The second set I did 10, coming into the third set I was tired and worried about doing 1 or 2. Jeff told me right before I started that if I could get 12 I would hit 30 for the day. I thought no way possibly 10 but never 12! Then it was time to get to work. I put myself in position and got to 7, okay I am tired, 8 Oh god this is hard, 9 okay one more and you can stop, 10, actually keep going, 11 you can hit 30, 12 OMG I did it!

So I ended the day with 30, and I got a little confidence back. I was really happy and decided to shake off the race and get ready to smoke the next one….which also happens to be color me rad! I am so ready for a 30 minute or under race and I think I may be able to achieve that in May or June! I also hope to get a 10k in around June or July so let me know of any good ones :).

So basically have faith in yourself and you can do things you did not think were possible! I myself need to remember that a year ago I was running a 5k in 45-42 minutes and now I am doing races in 34….what a difference I a getting better every week and can reach my goals. So can you!




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