Thursday and Friday, Parties, Running and Dates with Dan

21 Apr

So Thursday Night I did not run or post since after work Mom, Marc (our general manager) and I went to this…

This is the Wadsworth Atheneum, a museum in Hartford and also the loactaion of the Hartford Advocate’s  (a local magazine) best of reception! Our dealership was voted Best Motorcycle Dealership in Connecticut by their readers! It was such a great experience and honor for the family! You can read the article here! Warning my Dad and brother look crazy in the picture, and Mom did not want to be in it! Also I only go by Alexandra Levesque-Karnolt for business reasons! The reception was cool and we got free toothbrushes from the best dentist!

Friday brought a WRAP Luncheon for Mom and I. Women Raising Awareness Through Philanthropy, it was in support of the Channel 3 kids camp and a moving experience. The speakers were people who had lost their children (and wife) in violent acts by terrible people. It really made you appreciate your life and awareness for childrens safety!

It was a very nice event and there was really good food!

 The salad had candied pecans and strawberries! What a good cheat day this was! 🙂

After work (yes I did work yesterday as well) Krystle and I ran for the first time all week. Yes it took 40 minutes to go 2.75 miles because i was worn down from being sick, taking the time off and it being hot, but it was worth it! I felt great to be back at it!

Finally Dan and I went on a dinner and movie date last night and it was wonderful, we are off on another right now (date not movie)! Have a great weekend everyone!!!


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