Dates with Daniel

22 Apr

Warning: Every picture in this post is of food, so if you are hungry you should probably eat before reading…thank you!

Friday night we went to Buffalo Wild Wings it had just opened up here, I got a salad and some naked (unbreaded) chicken tenders with some Asian Zing sauce, it was delicious! Dan got a chicken wing and rib combo, and also a salad as his side instead of fries. Then we headed to the movies and saw American Reunion. What a good movie it was! Just as funny as the rest and still raunchy enough that Dan had a few minutes of laughing really hard out loud. Plus I had the soundtrack in highschool and loved that they played most of the songs from the original!

Last night, (after a great day of work in which we took in so many bottles and cans to donate for our earth day open house event) we headed out to dinner again. This time we went to Ruby Tuesdays, since I did not have a full cheat day Friday (just my lunch) I figured I would last night for dinner. I of course got the salad bar which was so good! But it filled me up alot!

Dan thought he did not have enough hard boiled eggs! Clearly I did not have enough green veggies, oh wait every veggie I put on the salad was green! Edamame, Broccoli, Peas, Broccoli Salad, Ham and Pea Salad, Lettuce Croutons and Dressing.

Then it was time for dinner. I took a chance and got some ribs with some slow carb sides. Steamed broccoli and mahsed cauliflower, I knew I would have left overs and it was back to the diet today! 9 pounds to go and 13 days to do it! I had never had ribs before and thought they were really good!

My food!

Dan got ribs as well with mashed cauliflower and steamed spaghetti squash, they were memphis dry rub. He ordered them due to the name, because he loves the band Memphis Mayfire and he was not disappointed!

Here is the amount of my dinner that did not get eaten…

I ate two ribs and a bite of cauliflower and was done for! But man were they good!!!!

Now I am off to tan, grocery shop and then run! After I will be cleaning the house! Have a great relaxing Sunday everyone and Happy Earth Day!!!! Definitely do something green today!!! I will be bringing my re-useable bags shopping!


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