Two New Races and Laundry Made Fun!

22 Apr

Today I had to go tanning, I mean Mexico IS in 13 days and I am a pasty white ghost of a person, so the last thing I need is sun poisoning! After that I did some grocery shopping and then came home and did dishes and laundry. I have gotten the first wave of my launch party orders in from Scentsy, but am waiting until I have everything (should be tomorrow night) before delivering. Anywho in the package I had ordered the Washer Whiffs and Dryer Disks so I had to try them out with laundry time today!

They look kind of like bath salts and I have to assume they work the same way, since I did a load with them to test it out and it smells wonderful, and there is no trace of it anywhere, just the nice smell!

Then I decided it was time to sign up for some races! I wanted to do a 10k in June and I have found a good one. The Washington Depot Dash! I am pretty excited for it and am officially going to finish my ease into 10k program before the race! Then I signed up for the Hartford Half Marathon. I wanted to run Hartford since it is my hometown marathon, but I am not ready for that yet at all so half it is! Plus it will be my second half an I am very excited. for more details see my races/events page.

I did not get my run in today, I wanted to but once I got home and it was down pouring I did not want to do anything…so depressing! Then I saw this on my phone OH JEEZ!

Rough week ahead! Good thing I have a sweet running jacket from Athleta that is water resistant. Thank you Mom! Tomorrow I have a run and a training session, plus a full day of work! It is on let the training commence!


One Response to “Two New Races and Laundry Made Fun!”

  1. runningcorgi April 24, 2012 at 3:13 pm #

    Good luck on your races and training!

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