Slow Carb Recipe and Weight Update!

27 Apr

So today I did not run as planned. I did train with Jeff in the morning, but I also had a touch of food poisoning, yea it was a very fun day for me! Last night we went to dinner and I had a salad, clearly not washed well or something because as soon as we got home I had a headache, the spins and was sick to my stomach, so you can guess what happened all day today in my world! Anywho thats not what we are hear to talk about but it is an update on why I didnt train as hard as I would have liked today! Also as of today before all stomach issues, I was officially down 9lbs and boy does that feel good!

Tuesday night I really wanted Tacos…Slow carb diet says no though! My idea of tacos is SHELLS or HINT OF LIME TORTILLAS crushed into a bowl, lettuce enough for a salad, ground beef, refried beans and RICE! The solution was clearly to make my own rice from Cauliflower and MAN WAS IT GOOD!!!! So here is the recipe!


Step One: Prepare your tools for me that is my food processor (one of the best gifts from my wedding registry!), and my favorite cutting board and knife. There is something about that one knife that you love to use, maybe thats just me since I love to cook. But my Henkel style knife is awesome and I LOVE IT! Then of course Cauliflower!

 Please excuse my recycling behind the food processor I was too lazy to take it to the sink!

Step 2: Cut up cauliflower into small enough pieces to be evenly chopped in the processor!

Not chopped yet, but seriously how many pictures did you want???

Step 3: Mix in FP until the size of rice.

Step 4: Place into a microwave safe bowl, DO NOT ADD WATER it will get gummy and weird not that I did but I know it will! Cover with Plastic wrap and microwave for 3 min. The water in the cauliflower will cook it enough and make it nice and firm but chewy.

The finished product:

How good was the salad….off the charts of course! Dan even loved it!!!!

On another slow carb note, Friday our insurance Reps took mom and I to lunch to discuss our account and I had this beauty!

It came with those eggs, gave them to mom. The oranges and tomato I cannot eat so I skipped those as well. I know you are saying Alex you cant eat breaded fried chicken either, and to that I say….

THIS IS A MIRACLE OF RESTAURANT FOOD! BAKED WALNUT ENCRUSTED CHICKEN! No frying and no bread crumbs so it totally fits in!

Now it is off to bed I am planning an early morning run tomorrow! Hope everyone has a wonderous weekend!!!


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