Why I was not able to run yesterday and preparing for today’s run….

29 Apr

Friday night I made some chili for a chili cookoff I was entered in yesterday. I had set my alarm for 4:30 am so I could finish my last batch, so I went downstairs shredded the chicken and came back up stairs. I was so excited to go back to sleep, but I needed to reset my alarm and did not want to wake Dan. So I did not use Siri to set the alarm for me, or turn on the light. In hindsight I really should have done either and would have been better off! So I walked through the dark to the bed looking at my phone to set the alarm. When I got to where I thought the bed was I lifted my right leg up and flung my body downward. NOPE no bed! I hit the side of our bedframe, which is wood with my shin and the full weight of my body behind it. I also somehow turned after hitting my shin and also wailed my hip into the bed. Dan who is the heaviest sleeper of all time even woke up due to the noise and my resulting crying. The worst part is I was crying more because I knew I would not be running for at least a day. After all I was stuck on the floor with my right leg straight out and could not apply pressure on it to stand up myself, this was a bad sign.  Dan got me into bed with an ice pack and this is what it initially looked like.

The top view, the black and blue part was an indent in my leg.

The side view, the swelling has begun.

I figured I would be okay and went back to sleep. (Oh and yes I know I have to shave my legs, I did this morning and it was nice and painful!)

When I woke up it looked like this…

See the nice swelling I have going now, by the time I got to work it was the size of a golfball and really fun to walk on. But I only went to work to pack up for the chili cookoff. There I stood on it all day and served chili! Not the greatest, which led it to look like it does now, I spared everyone the picture. While most of the swelling is gone, the indent has turned into a huge blood spot on my leg with a black and blue around it…. translation looking sexy in the dress I am wearing to the Bridal Shower today!

This was my booth at the chili cookoff…

It was a fun but tiring day, so last night we just did dinner with friends then i had to make a pit stop at Dicks Sporting Goods, because I needed supplies for my upcoming runs. Taking my runs up to 6.2 miles will be tough but worth it. That also means running a looping course and going through the woods twice on my own. Those woods come out to a walking path that is also deep in the woods and kind of close to the road on the other side. So I knew I would need some Mace, just to be safe.

The mace was the jogger version so it goes on your wrist. I also got some sweet socks, I figure perfect for Color me Rad! Then some honey stinger waffles and pink lemonade chews. I also got those sandals! They will be perfect for vacation, they have memory foam in them and are super good colors, plus they were buy one get one 50% off how can you beat that?!??!

So now I am off to the bridal shower and then taking a run/walk, depending on my leg. But I still need to get my mileage in! ALSO 6 Days until Mexico! EXCITEDDDDDDDDD! 🙂


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