Why I have been the worst blogger of all time lately and no missed posts next week!

1 May

You may be wondering how it is possible with no internet access and being in Mexico, how can I possibly post. Well I cannot but I will be able to set the in advance so you still have something to read. I decided on past Mexico trips. I have plenty of pictures and did even train last year while there, they have an awesome gym! You will also see how Dan and I got engaged!!!

On another note I am the worst blogger EVER lately! I usually regale everyone with my tales of food, clumsiness and running, however this injury is killing me! I did train today with Jeff but it was a bit pathetic. It did teach me that every one of your muscles in that area is connected and all hurt together when doing squats, lunges, etc….moral of the story do not do dumb ass things like I did!

This worst blogger ever title can also be attributed to the fact that my two jobs have been crazy busy lately! My Scentsy Business is taking off quicker than I ever anticipated and  the Fondue portion launched today. Plus TSI H-D is busy because it is finally spring and MOTORCYCLE season!

Also I had a lot of fun events in the past few days! For starters Sunday night we took Mom and Dad Karnolt out to dinner for their anniversary. We went to Texas Roadhouse and I enjoyed my meal fully! BBQ Chicken Breast with Rice and Steamed Veggies JUST DELICIOUS!

Why yes I did spill a giant amount of rice on the table as well! How cute is it that the chicken was a shape of a heart for a special anniversary dinner!?!?!

Then Monday it was time to get together with the Scentsy peeps and I finally got to meet quite a few of them. I was very happy as I am quite shy and I took a liking to them quickly! We tasted some of the fondue and I arrived home at around 11:15pm! I realized then all I had eaten that day before the fondue was breakfast. So I allowed myself a skinny burrito, having more hot sauce/salsa mix than burrito is a must HELLO!

So good, especially when you are starving! Yes I am still slow carbing but at 11pm I was not about to steam veggies and bake a chicken breast. Plus I had to be up at 5:30am, quick food was a must.

FINALLY I AM A BAD BLOGGER DUE TO VACATION, cleaning, laundry, packing, last minute arrangements, buttoning up things at my job. You know all the junk your spacing out on usually since you are about to be on vacation!

So tomorrow it is back to slow carbing, running and pictures galore! I will leave you with this gem I took when I pulled into the driveway today and drove half way down to come upon this.


One Response to “Why I have been the worst blogger of all time lately and no missed posts next week!”

  1. Kim May 2, 2012 at 8:57 pm #

    You are right… your phone takes awsome pictures.

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