This one goes out to my pregnant ladies…..

2 May

I know there are a lot of my readers who are pregnant currently! Here is a great post for you that includes all your favorites and mine and I am not pregnant! Chocolate, Cream Cheese, Ranch, and Bacon YUMMMMMMY! Theres a recipe coming, and no those items are not mixed all together into that.

I am the best wife ever I made Dan and Todd some chocolate fondue at work, today in my Velata and will be making more for my co-workers tomorrow so they can all sample! I will NOT however be having Funyuns like Dan did this afternoon!

The picture on Mom’s computer is My Beautiful Grandma and my Mom when she was little!

When I got home tonight I realized we had bacon, cream cheese and milk that would be going bad and had to be used up! I also had two packets of ranch dressing. So I said Diet be Darned for one day because I DO NOT Like to waste food! So a new Mac and Cheese recipe was created and DARN IS IT GOOD!!!!

Bacon Ranch Mac and Cheese!

1 Box Shells

1 Block Philly Cream Cheese

1 Pound Thick Cut Bacon

1.5 Cups Milk

Handfuls of Cheese (I used Mexican)

2 Packets Hidden Valley Ranch Powder

Cook bacon, degrease on paper towels. Cook shells until ready, drain and place back into pan. Throw cream cheese and ranch packets into pan and mix. Add milk and shredded cheese. Mix until cheese is melted, then crush Bacon and add to pan. Serve.

I was going to add broccoli as well, but eh. If its a cheat I was going all out and not trying to be healthy!

Now I am catching up on DVRed shows I missed and then running on the treadmill!

Then time to clean! Thanks for reading and please tell me if you try this recipe!!!!


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