Getting Ready and Little Gentlemen!

4 May

So tomorrow at 6am 10 of us will be on our way to Cabo! Well 8 of us and then grandma and my Aunt Kim are meeting us Sunday! It should be a great time. Plus those of us who are going tomorrow will be in Mexico for Cinco De Mayo! WOOOOOO, hopefully it isnt a hyped up Americanized Holiday and there is really cool things going on!

Also today Dan and I went shopping and did our dishes and laundry so we can come home to a nice clean house. I realized I have changed a lot since we last went to Mexico. I am 10 lbs lighter than I was last year at this time (thank you slow carbing), plus over half of the clothes I am bringing are workout clothes. I do plan on having fun, but I will be sticking to my diet and training plan as best I can! The only difference is it is going to be hard to start running again. After I hurt my leg a week ago at 4 am tonight, it has been hard to do anything. My hip is very injured and I took a good week off from running. Plus due to my hectic schedule my training has slid and I know I lost some endurance and speed. But I will get back there and will be running through this vacation!

In other news Finny is staying with my in-laws. He was a very excited puppy when we dropped him off, he has never been there so he was happy to be somewhere new and truly is the coolest dog ever!

He got a hair and nail cut today and looked like a little gentleman, I will leave you with his picture and a hilarious one of Dan! HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO ALL! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FRIEND CHRISTINE (TINI)!!!!

here is a really interesting picture, I am taking the picture through the door to my in-laws house, while Dan climbs through the window (he forgot his keys), it is also never fun when you turn the water from the sink on and soak your phone, or having to run for the alarm to shut it off. I know it was quite comical to watch!


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