Mexico Here We COME!!!!

5 May

We are on our way to the airport! Hope everyone has a wonderful week, great training and good weather!

This was the view from the balcony of our beach front penthouse last year….probably not as good of a view this year! However this year the new penthouses have been built and we will be staying there! There will be 6 of us in our room. My parents also have a presidential suite with 2 bedrooms, which is where my Aunts, Uncle and Grandma will stay! We are all very excited!!!!

The building also has its own pool which is a nice change of pace for Dan and I because going to the gym, which is next to the main pool, then back to the room to change than back to the pool was kind of crappy! The pool in this picture is not the main pool, but the water aerobics and childrens pool. I would rather not swim in small childrens pee in large amounts. Though we do swim in the swim up pool bar pool and no drunk people f my ages pee is also not something I want to swim in. When you are 4 Mango Margarits in you can forget some horrifying things though!

HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO! Have a mexican beer or margarita for me!


One Response to “Mexico Here We COME!!!!”

  1. Middleaged Runner May 6, 2012 at 7:12 am #

    OH WOW! Have so much fun- it is gorgeous there!!

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