First Day In Mexico

6 May

Please remember these posts include pictures from last year and were pre-published so you all have something good to read. while I am gone, have no internet and you are missing me dearly! However it does give you more of a glimpse into my life and who I am. Here is how the first day goes every year.

Wake up 4am- Seriously who does that!

Get to airport 5am- see statement 1

Flight leaves at 6am YAY! ON OUR WAY

this year however I have to sit middle seat most of the way…eewwwwww!

8:30am- arrive in Atlanta wait around eat some breakfast

10 am- flight leaves for cabo


once we get to the hotel it is time to eat some lunch….here are last years first meal highlights!

Dan drinking a beer, we were all shocked as he had given up drinking before this.

Oh yea it was happy hour, so two for one Mango Margaritas….yes please! I think you see now why I love these things!

This is what happens when your husband takes your picture without you knowing and you are a wee bit cranky from no sleeping!!!!

We would wrap up the day by hanging out at the pool and Harry will end the day like this….


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