Mexican Workouts…..and stupid books

9 May

Since I am still blogging via my NOOK and that has no picture capabilities I figured a workout post would be good for everyone. Yes I am on vacation but tha also means frozen yummy drinks which equal a severe amount of calories so to the gym we go, Dan and I that is.

May 6th was my first workout because I just needed to relax after the plane rides saturday.
– Run 2.50 miles 33:25 ouch i knew it would be slow but man
– 3 sets 12 bench presses with dan 20 lb weights on each side for me.
– 15 ball crunes x3
– 15 bicycle crunches x3
-36 second plank, 50 second plank my back was acting up frim the plane
– 5 push ups, 10 push ups

May 7th
Run-2.53 31:57
12 goblet squats with 10 lb dumbell x2
12 seated rotations with 8lb medicine ball x2
12 reverse crunches x2
My hip was finally feeling better so i had my legs up for the rotations yay!

Yesterday i was not feeling my best way too much sun i suppose!

Today I rocked it though!
run- 2.74- 31:17
20 reverse crunches on bench x2
12 split lunges each side these were so hard i was falling everywhere so i settled for one set!
10 latpull downs 60lbs x2
6 medicine ball rotations on ball 10x each i only did one set the ball i was onwas not inflated well and after i flew off it once i decided one set was good enough!

So that is it so far oh yes i also read fifty shades of grey i dont get th hype it was pretty stupid! If you read it i would love to know what you thought?!


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