Last day blues!

11 May

Today is our last day and I am having the blues about it, I am also sure everyone else on the trip is feeling sad too!That just means making the most of today. Yesterday we went into town with mom. She is so good to all of us, she treated us to lunch at a taco stand. Then she bought each one of us a gift. It was mom, me, Dan, Harry and Sabra (Harry’s gf). Sabra got some sandals, Harry got a Jason Mraz hat, Dan got a shirt from the taco place of course, and I made mom go to the Mexican Nike store with me. Oh yes a new pair of really cool Capri sweats and a dri fit tank, means i have a great mommy! Plus they were having a sale and my pants and shirt were $85 with tax, not bad since the stickers on both added to much more than that!

Today will be spent the usual way, lounging by the pool, maybe a quick gym Sesh, then the possibilities are endless! My main goal between today and the long travel day tomorrow is to finish book one in the game of thrones 4 pack i bought for my nook! I love the show and so far the first book does not disappoint! Has anyone read these? I hope you all have a great Friday and splendid weekend! Plus do something nice for your moms! We all will be!


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