First Day of Mexico!

16 May

So the first day of Mexico was May 5th! We were so excited to be there for Cinco De Mayo, then WHOMP WHOMP it isn’t a big thing there like it is here….oh well we made the best of it.

Dan was so happy with the first flight, we were in the exit row and look how much leg room he had! I also apologize for the weird pink filter look of some of my vacation photos. I have a pink cover and the flash reflects it in some pictures.

This was the perfect snack, Target makes smores trail mix….you need to get it! I promise you it will change your life!

After two flights we were in MEXICO! Since Cabo is in the desert this was what we saw driving to the hotel….

Then when we got to the hotel it was time for lunch and a little pool action!

Dan, Me, Sabra and Harry! in bathing suits and coverups on the way to the pool.

For lunch it was Chicken taco time. SO DELICIOUS

Chicken, lettuce and tortillas. Plus little tortilla cups with guacamole, refried beans and salsa!

After this it was time to head to…..WALMART! Yes there is a walmart near the resort and we go every year to get food and water for the week.


It was also the Day of the supermoon, which was still very small in the sky,but so bright and beautiful over the water! I was so glad to be able to see it!

We ate some appetizers at the bar next to the ocean and enjoyed the moon before bed.

Braised short ribs and shrimp. Dan and I just had the ribs, so delicious!

It was a long but great first day! I was going to post a training post, but am still having bad cramping and allergies so a run was not in my future tonight! But my bed is! I have a training session with Jeff tomorrow morning and am excited to get back to work!

Have a great Wednesday and welcome home from Las Vegas to my Aunt Kim and Grandma!


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