Mexico Day 3…

20 May

Monday was great, Dan and I got up and worked out the went back to the room and changed, then we headed for the pool. While at the pool all week I alternated between reading Fifty Shades of Grey and The Game of Thrones books. I HATED 50 Shades of Grey. It was probably one of the worst books I have ever read. It was very repetitive and boring. Yes there were lots of sex scenes but most of them were creepy S&M things and I just couldn’t get into it. I just do not get the hype I suppose. The other books though are fantastic, so well written and if you watch the show on HBO the show follows the books almost to a T (well season one, I did not finish book 1 yet so I am not sure about book 2 season 2). Also I did start to read the second book 50 shades darker and just stopped, couldn’t get into it. Sadly I didnt take many pictures during the day but I did before dinner because we went to Cortez!

Cortez is a steakhouse at the resort, it is also where Dan and I got engaged! We had to have a family picture, taken by the lovely Sabra!

Dan and I are in the back right….I look a lot like my mom in this picture. Also we are always in the back, thats what happens when you are ALOT taller than all the other ladies in your family and an inch taller than your brother! (my mom has heels on she is only 5’2″)

We also had to have a levesque children and their loves picture!

I love my dress…it was from Target and on sale for $20.00 you CANNOT beat that! Also no makeup so I look a bit rough….but hey it was VACATION!

We also got a family picture including Sabra of course!

From Left to Right: Aunt Kim, Aunt Tamarra, Uncle Bob, Harry, Sabra, Dad, Mom, Grandma Fran, Me and Dan!

Cutest Family Ever….well actually it would be in you threw in my inlaws and Noelle and Eric….then everyone would be there!

So then it was food time!

A really delicious salad with Tarragon dressing and loads of veggies, but they were hidden under the greens!

For Dinner Dan and I had our staple foods from Cortez….

I forgot to mention this restaurant serves a sorbet palate cleanser between salad/appetizer and dinner…yummy!

I will probably never get anything different here…risotto with no mushrooms, but with asparagus, pistachios and truffle oil…probably the best thing ever! I had it the first time the night we got engaged! There is never any left either. I house that stuff as soon as I get it….too good. Yes I know truffles are mushrooms also. I like them when used to season or flavor something or when they are so small there is no difference, but sitting there eating a big old mushroom grosses me out!

Dan got his staple Venison! (Deer Meat)

I know I should become a professional food magazine photographer……Bon Appetite will be knocking my door down any day now! 🙂

So that was dinner, afterwards we went to the bar (which is also outside, we ate outside by the way). Then the tide came in and luckily there is a stone wall around the restaurant because it came right up to it!

Dan and I are also lucky we got engaged when we did, since most of the beach area where we did is washed away! SAD.

That was Day 3 everyone! Such a great trip and 4 days left to go…I hope this is not boring everyone!

Today I will be cleaning and running, and relaxing….pretty great day! I had planned to sleep in but woke up at 8:30…oh well!

Also sorry for not commenting back on comments lately I have been awful with that, but promise to be better! I miss everyones wonderful comments!


4 Responses to “Mexico Day 3…”

  1. Kim May 20, 2012 at 12:21 pm #

    What great pictures. It really does seem like a dream now that we are home again and back to chores and work. Thanks Alex your blog reminds me what we did and how much fun it was. Love Kim

    • Alex K May 20, 2012 at 12:24 pm #

      Oh then you will love tomorrows post I just scheduled it, it is of all the flowers and palm trees from my walk from the gym, and a great picture of my boones farm apple wine :).

  2. runningcorgi May 21, 2012 at 2:35 am #

    Everybody looks so happy!! And you look great! I love your dress a d the flower:-)

    • Alex K May 21, 2012 at 6:16 am #

      Thanks Chris it was a wonderful vacation to share with my family!

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