Mexico Day 4

21 May

Here we are at day 4! Today I went to the gym with Dan but I left after my run was over. My stomach was bothering me and I wanted to go back to our room and read and lie down. I decided to take some pictures on my walk back to the room, as I said in a previous post our room was pretty far from the gym area so you were still getting a post workout, workout!

Here is the scenery Hacienda Del Mar had to offer: WARNING YOU WILL BE JEALOUS!!!!

I love all the flowers there, especially since you are in the desert basically and there is beach and flowers on one side and desert on the other. The stark contrast is just beautiful!

The building in the distance is building 16 where the aunts, uncle and grandma stayed, we were in 17 next to it!

I love these little fountains and they have them all over the resort!

Almost back to the room now which means palm trees everywhere. The second picture beneath this sentence is of the poor palm tree everyone felt bad for!

Sad right!?!?!

Then I was back to the room! That night we had pasta dinner in the room thank you WALMART! I had to keep it classy by drinking this…..bringing back college!

Tomorrow will bring day 5 where we went to a really famous Cabo restaurant Edith’s SO GOOD! Many Food Pictures are on the way!


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