Mexico Day 5…..

22 May

Today was the day we went to Edith’s. It is a very popular and well known restaurant in Mexico and was truly AMAZING!

At Edith’s we ate in their special wine room, that is air conditioned and just beautiful!

Aw Grandma and the love birds (Sabra and Harry) and the amazing wine rack!

The restaurant then brought us their FREE house appetizer (SUPER DELICIOUS), and my strawberry margarita!


Then came everyones appetizers, I shrunk the pictures to a smaller size from here on, because there are so many and I want to get them all into the post!!!  But first my Grandma had to pose in the sweet poncho on the back of her chair!  Plus a customary Dan and I picture!

Harry had steak taquitos, I had tortilla soup, and Tamarra, Bob and Kim had the Tuna Taquitos.  There were more appetizers around the table as well but I did not get pictures of them all!

This is probably my Favorite picture of Dan and I from the whole trip and is currently my facebook picture!

Then it was time to admire the pretty chandeliers and eat dinner!!

I wanted to steal the napkin in the basket holding my tortillas! I had chicken fajitas and Dan had the abundance of food in the first picture! The restaurant was really great the meat was organic and they had their own herb garden across the street! I have a picture but am saving the space for dessert.

I had to get a cappucino

Tamarra and Bob had Mexican coffee and Pineapple Cake and ice cream! The coffee was made by the guy in the first picture. They also caramelized brown sugar on the rim!

Dan got regular ice cream with hot fudge and sprinkles. I had a chocolate fountain. It was a tall cake with ice cream and fruit, when you peeled off the top of the cake there was “lava” to dip the fruit in just like a chocolate fountain! We ended our night walking around the town! It was a great family memory and a perfect dinner with everyone!!


2 Responses to “Mexico Day 5…..”

  1. Kim May 22, 2012 at 12:30 pm #

    I am stuck at work where I just had a salad with romaine lettuce, spinach, raw carrots, raw celery and a dressing made out of Bragg’s Berri Apple Cider, olive oil and 1 crushed garlic clove. It was good and good for me but these Edith pictures make me sigh. Love to you and yours. Kim

    • Alex K May 22, 2012 at 12:41 pm #

      I know I am missing that good Mexican Food and Sunshine!

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