Mexico Day 7

25 May

So here it is our final day in Mexico…I know you are all dying to read all about it!

We started the day at the gym of course! Then hit the pool with the family! It was so crowded that day that we had to sit all the way at the end of the pool, near where we got engaged.

Here we are on the beach we got engaged on! I asked Dan nicely to kneel in the sand and pretend to be proposing again, but he said no, something about too many people thinking he was crazy!

After a day at the pool the family got Sushi……except Dan and I, we do not enjoy fish!

Chicken Enchiladas for me

A Burrito for Dan!

Here was Dan’s reaction to the photoshoot I proposed for the blog….don’t worry he gave in and it will be posted!

Now the photo shoot!

I asked him for an eating action shot he was licking it right before this, in protest to the shoot!

Here is mine, I like to open my mouth as wide as possible when eating to make sure no food escapes!

On the way back to the room, we decided to have a party. So everyone was coming back to our room! This was Grandmas reaction to the fact there was no Grand Marnier in our room!

So off to the restaurant we went to get her some!

This of course meant we had to have one last celebratory drink!

Then we went back to the room and this is where Dad was doing something funny behind me and I went to snap a picture and this happened!

Super angry Dad face!!!!

Ah Mexico we will all miss you and all your beauty! Until next year…. I will leave you with this picture. Tomorrow will bring the pictures that didnt make individual posts, so they are from all week!


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