Color Me Rad Tidbit

26 May

Color Me Rad was so much fun! I will post an in depth race review later, and you know I had my Aunt Kim take Nerdy Pictures of me for this blog!!!!

This was my face after the race, and super fun to get off when I got to work!

I would definitely do this race again, it was so much fun! The only after issue I had was all the colors went through the shirt, right onto my collarbones and chest, and with no mirror in our work bathroom I was looking like an abuse victim with yellow and purple highlights. One co-worker was calling me braveheart! However I have now showered and most of the color is gone….the best part is my left arm and hand are n longer yellow!

Like I said full race recap tomorrow, but tonight I am spending time with friends :).

Have a great Holiday weekend everyone, I will be working again tomorrow but only 10-2, then another full day of festivities!!!


One Response to “Color Me Rad Tidbit”

  1. Kim May 27, 2012 at 9:16 pm #

    It was fun and the color stations and the thousands of people kept me moving. I think i’ll go walking tomorrow. I washed my shirt and it still has some color in it.

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