Color Me Rad Race Day Recap!

28 May

Let me start by saying if you are at all interested in doing this race…DO IT!!!! It was so much fun and easily the best race I have done so far! Everyone has so much energy and it is so much fun and motivational going to each color station!

As you know I ran the race with my Aunts, Uncle, My Sister In-Law and her friends. I wish I had more pictures/a whole team Hello Kitty picture, but I didnt want to ruin my phone by running with it.

First thing first was to take my rings off….I didnt want to risk these beauties getting colored up!

Then it was time for a gear picture….

My purple shoes are old and starting to wear out, so I figured I didnt care if they were messed up, then my race bib and a cup with some pre-workout powder!

Also I got instagram, you can follow me if you want Zandralexia is my user name.

Then I headed to my Aunts house to pick her up and head to the race.

When we got there I made my Aunt Kim take a before picture….yes we all know I am a nerd and since we were team hello kitty I had to get some sweet socks!!!

During the race a girl told me I had the best socks ever…..I had to agree.

Family before pictures..

Aunt Kim, Aunt Tamarra and Uncle Bob….well not in that order but you can figure out who is who!

So then the race started, sorry no race pictures, like I said I didnt have my phone with me.

The race was 3.2 miles, and was great I ran almost the whole thing, but did have to take a walk break because of the gravel. The course was asphalt,gravel, grass, and bigger stones. I finished the race somewhere between 31-32 minutes and was really happy with that.

The color stations were fun, some were powder and some were liquid. The yellow was liquid and got all over my left arm and hand. Glad I took off my ring, really good move there on my part!

I also got really purple, thanks in large part from a guy running in front of me and not a color station! He had color packs and was pelting people with them. I loved it! This one lady near me did not love it since she was apparently trying to not get color on her…..not sure why she was taking part in the race then?!??!

There were over 7000 runners, so it was the biggest race I had ever done, and was awe-inspiring!

So my face ended up like this!

Family after photo! I think they all had a lot of fun! I was so glad to have family running with me and am so proud of all of them for finishing it.

Then I of course had to have my Aunt Kim take a nerd after picture of me

Throwing up sweet peace signs is the coolest!

My Aunt Tamarra and Uncle Bob….Aunt Kim made a crazy face in hers and asked for it to not be on the blog, so I had to respect her wishes!

Then it was time to go to work. I didnt shower or anything just changed. If I showered I would not have been to work before they closed.

At work I had the lunch of champions!

 A cheeseburger, baked beans and my moms pasta peas and garlic….doesnt get any better! We have really good food every saturday at our job!

There was also this mishap while I was at work….I thought wearing a high necked t-shirt would save my chest and neck from coloring, but I was wrong.

I was able to wash my face off at work but not my hair or chest, no mirror in our employee bathroom!

These purple marks did inspire my co-worker to ask if I had gotten beaten up….thus my face! My other co-worker called me braveheart….really glad I didnt get to shower!

So all in all a great race and really done for one simple fact. I LOVE TO RUN! This race really reminded me of that! I have upped my training due to the race and my recent slacking. I also left all the electronic devices at home and it was a great eye opener for me!



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