Mexico in Pictures!

29 May

Here are all the pictures I could not upload into other posts, I hope you enjoy the remaining Cabo pictures!

Getting intense with some lifting

Little brothers are so fun, they steal your camera and take weird pictures!

But wait your husband does the same thing…

The rest of the mural in the gym….wish I could have got it all in one shot.

Dan bought me that bracelet from a vendor at the welcome party at the hotel…beautiful!

My parents being super Cute!

The herb and veggie garden Ediths had across the street…the food was wonderful!

I had to take a picture of this restaurant because the name was great…speaking of great names, Dan said this is my new car.

Then Harry wore a womans shirt….it wasnt it was a mans but we all made fun of him!

He was sad about us making fun of him.


Oh the Harry face….enough said

We had extra pasta from Walmart so you know I took it home. I mean it was free pasta!

Finally here is the plane and the mountains!

Until next year Mexico!


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