Running With Zombies…

30 May

Yes you read that right! I think I mentioned before that I had bought an app called Zombies, Run! for my Iphone. Well I have now played it twice and am hooked! I have been taking my runs outside, or to the treadmill when it isnt super hot out (hello no a/c!) I prefer to only use the app when I am on the treadmill incase I get jumpy with the headphones in my ears or anything. So I have only played twice, once on Friday before the race and tonight. Thank goodness for the rain, it really cooled the house down nicely and let me get my new obsession on!

I love the fact that the app plays your own music while you run and then does little cutscenes with pre-recorded audio in the game. It makes me motivated to run to music I love and also for the songs to end so I can hear more of the story! There are over 40 Missions currently and if you only feel like running for 30 min, but the mission is 40 min you can pause and start back up when you are ready, the next day or whenever! The app is $7.99 but is totally worth it!

You run and while you are running you collect supplies for a town to save it with food, medicine, ammo, etc. While you are out running you can get chased by zombies and have to out run them! I hold the phone in my hand while treadmilling it, because I dont have an arm strap for my phone, only my nano.

After you complete the mission you can delegate the items you collected around your township to help increase your defenses and population.

It is really fun, you are runner 5 and have to run to help save Abel Township. Like I said when you finish your run/mission objectives you can allocate items around town in this screen!

While we all know I am a huge girly girl who loves pink and Hello Kitty, I am also a super nerd who loves video games and Zombies, (Hello Walking Dead anyone)!!!! Plus I am way to scared to ever do that run where the people dressed as Zombies chase you around so this was my best option. It truly is worth it to get, if anyone does let me know! It would be great to know what you think of it.

The coolest thing is that with updates they are releasing new levels and its not like they charge you to update, so free levels yes please!!!!


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