Mother Daughter Bonding Time….

4 Jun

Big thanks to my Mommy for everything she did for me yesterday! More on this later in this post.

First let me say Mom held family dinner last Wednesday, it was so hot and Grandma didn’t have her AC set up yet so Mom volunteered. Mom likes to go overboard when making food, so we had this amazingness….

I had everything except croutons and onions, not an onion fan and I figured if I skipped the croutons creamy dressing was a go!

Those onion straws were so delicious!!!

Lasagna with extra sauce of course, cheesy texas toast and hot yummy!!! THANKS MOM FOR A GREAT FAMILY DINNER!!!!

Then Saturday we had a wedding to go to.

Dan and I pre-wedding, he looks so excited I know! Sorry Facebook friends I know you have already seen this!

Then it was wedding time, my phone was dying so I had to save battery life for food pictures.

I love salads with strawberries and balsamic, and I LOVE butter shaped like anything so it was a great start!!

Chicken, potatoes and green beans! I had to move all those mushrooms away for sure!

Then Desert time, I would like to thank my co-worker Marc for later smashing one of these into my face!

Good times with great people! Congrats again Gino and Anjuli! ❤

Then it was Sunday Mom was working but I had the day off, she called me and came over after work and helped me clean our house, especially since our pipes in the basement had sprung a leak the night before. We found that out after the wedding!!!

After the cleaning was done and the house was sparkly and amazing we watched a movie and had some subway which Dan brought us! I have the best Mom. Thank you again for everything yesterday! I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday night!

Tomorrow I am starting the BeachBody Ultimate Reset, (the people who make P90X). My friend is a beachbody coach and we are doing this together. I am excited because it is supposed to detoxify your body while resetting your metabolism and getting you into a pattern of clean eating. As many of you know I have digestion and other problems that I am so excited to see if this helps, and maybe lose a bit of weight while I am at it!


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