Weekend training and shoe review!

4 Jun

So I know I was supposed to update this on Friday, WHOOPSIE! I had a very busy and fun weekend, my blogging went by the wayside! So here we go!

Thursday and Friday I saw Jeff for training. That was hard getting up early on those back to back days but it was worth it! Plus I was off friday so back to bed I went!!! The first day kicked my behind, let me just put that out there! The second day was also hard, but I dont think it would have been so hard had I not worked so hard the day before. Thursday was pushing and friday was pulling! Thursday meant, push-ups, planks, presses and the like. Plus Bosu squats AND walking lunges talk about killer on the legs! But still very fun! Friday was TRX band pull ups, Lat Pull downs, side planks, and flies. There was more each day, but I dont think I should put my training plan out there for free, I mean Jeff does work pretty hard to put them together and bust my behind!!!

The whole time I was wearing my new shoes.

These are the K-Swiss Tubes Jillian Michaels Edition. I also own a pair of tube runners in pink and black. I bought these for the color more than anything, but was also excited to know the proceeds of my purchase went to fight childhood obesity! The shoes are amazing. I bought them off amazon and was a bit worried by some of the reviews, but they feel great and I had no blisters, between taking them on runs and working out in them right after getting them.

I was very happy with my purchase, some reviewers had said they ran narrow so I purchased a 9.5 instead of 9, because I have wide feet and they were very roomy! I can wear thicker socks with them and am not as worried about black toe nails, from jamming the toe box o downhills like with my Kinvara’s (which I still love and are lighter than these). While the Kinvara’s are still lighter these are also minimal shoes and feel great, my feet, knees and shins were are smiles after my training sessions and runs, and I cannot wait to wear these or my pink ones to a race!

That is pretty much it, I have to go make dinner now then run. I will post again tonight about last weeks family dinner and the wedding we attended this weekend….I know I am slacking hard!!


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