How to make nail polish

10 Jun

If you ever read this blog you know three things I love, RUNNING, FOOD and SAVING MONEY! Today I wanted to paint my nails and thought, but I am so sick of my old colors what to do?!?!?!

Luckily for me I am super clumsy and did this to my eye shadow palate.

NOOOOO was all I thought, but then I had a genius idea. I saw some purple shadow pieces on the bathroom counter and remembered something I thought of a while ago. Making nail polish out of crushed eye shadow pigment, that way you can use all of it and get free nail polish.

Step One:

Gather your supplies, eye shadow, brush and clear nail polish. Ideally you also want a paint brush to do your nails with so you dont color the clear bottle and brush, but I really liked this so I just made the whole bottle one color.

Step two:

Pour some clear polish onto the broken up shadow and break up any little clumps with the brush while mixing together.

This was after adding polish one time and painting, keep adding more and breaking up clumps, it will not dilute the color at all.

Finally paint the nails, two coats and you are good to go!

Now it is time for a nice walk, maybe a bit of a jog then I will post more on the Reset plan and my walk. Enjoy your Sunday everyone!


2 Responses to “How to make nail polish”

  1. Ronalee June 10, 2012 at 3:03 pm #

    Wow.. I love this idea Alex !!

    • Alex K June 10, 2012 at 3:05 pm #

      Thanks! It is easy and cheap and comes out great!!!

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