Ultimate Reset Day 3 and Todays Run…well attempt at one

10 Jun

Day  was good, it was Thursday I was pretty tired all day and had a headache. I knew it was probably just my reaction to detoxing off sugar. It is my favorite vice I hate to admit that! I think you all were aware of that though. Day 3 was also the day of ultimate errors! Today lunch was supposed to be Lentil Lime salad, I love lentils and was pumped for this. The package directions on my lentils said cook in 3 cups of water for 30-40 minutes. I set it to simmer, set the timer for 35 minutes and took a shower, I was out of the shower with 6 minutes to spare, but smelled burnt lentils. (No I dont shower for 30 minutes its like 6 Max, but I was also doing laundry and other things I didnt think anyone would care about.)  By the time, everything was cleaned up and a fire was averted it was also 8am. I have to be at work for 8:30, so I had no shot at making my breakfast or remaking the lentils. So I improvised. Breakfast was the same as day 2.

Oatmeal and Blueberries and a side cup of plain yogurt, still just as great!

Lunch was the same salad from day 1 with Rice and Beans left over from dinner day 2, for a bit of protein, and the remaining Garlic dressing from day 1

We also got Dunder Mifflin paper at work, on Thursday and a free Mug!

The box says “Get your Scrant On,” “Limitless paper in a paperless world,” and “Guarantee, Our Motto is, Quabity First.”

Hilarious I love the office and am so glad this paper was on sale from our supplier!

I didnt really eat dinner that night, because Dan and I went to an Event in Hartford for the Olympics! it was really fun!

We saw a video about some of the athletes and their amazing stories, we also watched a message from Geno Auriemma, the coach of Uconn Basketball and also the coach of the USA Women’s Olympic Basketball Team. Also while we were there they were celebrating London!

They had a Queen Elizabeth impersonator

An Elton John Impersonator who sang and was really fun!

They also had a band that sang beatles songs and raffled off Ipads, and Macbooks, and Olympics Gear! You know I wish I had a picture of me holding any of it to post, but sadly we didnt win anything!

We did get a sweet swag bag full of goodies though!

Offical Nike Olympic Hats, NBC Connecticut Water bottles, an electronics bag and a backpack! Pretty cool!

Today I attempted a run on the treadmill, as you know they suggest walking, so I did intervals and am happy with my performance.

4.0 miles in 44:09 for an 11:02 pace….pretty solid for intervals and while yes I was tired it was worth it for sure!!! I can definitely see my training paying off and I am getting faster!!! My goal during the reset is to gradually add mileage in anticipation for my half in September and October!


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