Reset Day 3 Do Over and Free Samples.

11 Jun

I decided that since I had such a tough time on Day 3 the first time, and since I was a bonehead who left my supplements for the reset at work Friday, that I would re-do day three, and start from here on. This go was much more successful! Breakfast was the same as Day 1.

Eggs, steamed spinach and whole wheat toast! YUMMY!

Lunch was a salad and a lentil and lime salad. This was so good, I had balsamic dressing. It was very filling though!

I couldnt even finish it all! I was also drinking massive amounts of water today, so that may be why I was feeling so full!

Dinner was supposed to be a veggie sushi roll, cucumber salad and miso soup. After the soup however I was way too full to even attempt to make anything else!

Finally I know I literally painted my nails yesterday but….

You see I got this nail polish for FREE!

Thank you! I joined and thanks to my blog and other internet usage I have a high influencer rating which means I get perks! I signed up to receive a free sample of Essie’s Summer 2012 collection! I was so excited today when this was in my mailbox!

I was so happy to get anything! I know I will never have a big time blog where big companies like Nike and Saucony or Food companies send me samples or clothes, etc. So this is wonderful! I figured I would get a mini size but it was a full bottle!

I love Essie, it goes on so smoothly and has great coverage! It was my wedding polish as well. I was also so happy to get the Blue, named Bikini So Teeny! My bikini I bought for Mexico is the same blue and it is a super fun and happy color!!!! I will probably end up buying more colors. But getting a free bottle when it is an $8.00 price tag is always great!!!!

DISCLOSURE: The product sample was sent to me I am under no obligation to talk about the company and get no additional benefits for doing so I just love Essie!!!


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