Updates to Food, Run, Fun…

11 Jun

First off I know this is your favorite blog ever, don’t even tell me it isn’t because I will cry and throw a tantrum! Secondly it was time for an update. Since I have finally discovered how to use parts of wordpress my gear page has been updated to include the shoes I currently train with and when you click pictures it now takes you where you can buy them. I will be adding links for clothing, suppliments, etc. In the coming days.

Also I have been kicking around the idea of creating a facebook fan page for FRF! I have created said page and if you would like to “Like” it you may do so HERE. Maybe Dan will even forge Tim Tebows signature and mail that to you, just for liking it! 🙂 He likes when people are friends with me, so he may be tempted to in fact bribe you!

Anyway I started the page because I will post things there that I don’t always put into the blog, running tidbits or funny things I think of that I think you should know! Also all my posts will now post there and not to my personal page. If you are following the blog that way it is time to switch over!

At the time of writting this post the page has 9 likes, and I am still surprised everyday that people are even interested in what I have to say! I never thought anything I have said or done is that interesting or inspiring, but I am really proud of the impact the blog has had on people. Again, thank you for following me and if you want to be real FB friends it’s under Alexandra Karnolt…..pretty sure I am the only one! Plus you know what mine and Dan’s smiling faces look like already people!

Enjoy your Monday I will be running and cooking when I get home!


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