Last nights run and Welcome Summer!!!

12 Jun

I got home from work around 6, took Finny out and as I said last night was too full to eat. So I went for a run on the treadmill, I wanted to paint my nails right after and my legs were pretty sore from the 4 miler on Sunday!

It was time to get down to business, I queued up Psych on Netflix and watched a half episode. I went 2.05 miles in 22:10, a 10:48 pace. Really happy with that performance, you know sore legs and such! After the Reset is over I am really thinking of restarting P90X, it is really good and will give me great results. If anything the rest has made me more motivated!

This brings us to the welcome summer portion of this post. Yesterday morning I took pictures of the flowers in our garden, because it was so beautiful. Thank you instagram and my iphone for these beauties. I will leave you with that!

If you look close on this one, you can see bumblebees….putting myself in extreme danger here to give you guys a great post!


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