Training until you have acid reflux and Snuggling with Finny!

12 Jun

Last night at 10pm Dan and I found 1 flea on Finny so into the tub he went and now is flea free, smells nice and looks handsome!

This morning I was so proud of myself I woke up at 8 and did laundry and dishes and made breakfast and dinner for work, then headed to training. I was going to throw together a salad after training before I left for lunch. Breakfast was delicious, a fruit plate with some toast!

Green apple, strawberries and peach.

Then I headed to training where it was apparently kick my butt Tuesday! We started with a 1 mile warmup, then got down to business…this is the motto of the day ….

I was sweating hard, kettlebell squats, pushups, trx rows, bell ringers, MY ENEMIES Ketllte ball sit ups and the hip extension machine. It was so hard, I knew it was because of the Detox, because it was overly hard. (there was more but I forget them)  I also was fighting back watery eyes because I was on the brink of vomiting with each new move. I got home and showered, I also developed terrible heartburn and dizziness. I called Mom and told her I would be late to work, but she said don’t bother. She also said the heartburn was probably caused by Acid leaving my body on the Reset. That is all well and good but this is a pretty crappy feeling. This means also that I never made that lunch I was going to since I do not feel like eating in anyway!

Now I am snuggled up with my baby dog and watching Psych….good times, minus the feeling bad part!


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