An Open Letter to Mother Nature!

13 Jun

Dear Mother Nature,

Thank you for all this rain we have been having, it had been super conducive to plant growth in my garden! But also for weeds! You see while I love living a quarter mile off the main road and all the privacy that allows us….

Driveway from the road

Halfway down you hit pavement

Here is our house! Notice the amazing greenery and plants….but also the weeds :(.

The major plus of all the rain is how much my little tree has grown.

Another down fall of the rain is PESTS. I don’t know if you noticed this mother Nature but we live in Connecticut not London or Seattle, were good with the rain.

I am also very all set with the White Faced Hornets Nest that was built in the door frame on the side of our house, the mice that think it is cool to move in here. The wasps that built a nest on our deck railing and patio furniture. Dan took care of those though.

Or the ants now in our house!!! BUT THE ABSOLUTE WORST HAS TO BE…

Why yes that is a moth that laid eggs on our front steps and is literally in the middle of the top step into the house, you also know I am too scared to ever touch or move that thing and pray that it will be gone every time I come home!

Also it is impeding my work! People just don’t want to buy a Harley when its raining!!!

There are some pluses though! Like the flowers in our garden, or how amazing and full of life the pond behind our house has become!

The pond is pretty far and I had to get this done before family dinner, so the picture is from afar.

The pond is in the small opening in the right side of this photo.

On Saturday we saw turtles swimming, frogs and fish jumping and loads of water bugs and other creatures. It was really beautiful! So there are some good things and bad things about all this rain, but ease up a bit OKAY?!?! I would love that. I would love to run outside in warm sunny weather! I would also love to not have wet jeans in my sandals. Yes I wear sandals in the rain, it is summer people lets take advantage!!!!


2 Responses to “An Open Letter to Mother Nature!”

  1. Kim June 14, 2012 at 10:35 pm #

    Your garden looks lovely and it’s nice to see you sharing your space with all the little creatures too! Love to you and yours.

    • Alex K June 18, 2012 at 5:49 am #

      Oh yea you know how much I love bugs EEEEK!

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