Gifts from Mom and Reset Day 4!

13 Jun

Before I say anything I forgot to write on my last post, Mother Nature did give me one Pest I love more than anything!!

He was in mid jump here, super excited when I got home today!

Mom did not really give me gifts, well she did but not what your thinking. Mom and Dad go to a lot of charity events, wether through work or golf tournaments and they win A LOT of gift certificates. Since they are basically the busiest people I know they barely ever use most of them! Today Mom was going through a whole bunch and gave me and Harry some.

Minus the Target one they are all for food! The outback card was for $100.00…amazing! You can also use it at Carrabas. Harry took the Ted’s Montana Grill one so I am one less, but I have so many!

Good thing we like Outback since we have SOOOO many there!

Now on to Day 4 of the reset. Breakfast was Oatmeal with Apples cut up into it. No picture because you know what sludgy oatmeal looks like and it did not look too appetizing!

Lunch was this….

Carrots and Hummus on the left and Quinoa Salad on the right. Some quinoa, lemon juice, olive oil, cucumbers, tomatoes and kalamata olives. DELICIOUS!!!

Everyone at work was eating Chinese, which is my Favorite! I was very jealous but stuck with my reset foods! Then this happened to my poor finger!

Slammed it in a drawer, I took this picture after work while rocking comfy pants! But I did chip my polish and get a hefty bruise behind my nail :(.

For Dinner I had this…

Just Kidding!!! I had this…

Stir fried veggies and plain quinoa, it was yummy but I was jealous of Grandma’s Panko Chicken! I am doing this reset for an extremely good reason though and it is worth it to stick with it!!! If anyone wants that chicken recipe I will be making it after the reset is over and you better believe it will get its own post!

Finally I will leave you with this miracle! I wrote a post to Mother Nature about better weather…and this happens


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