Death By Chocolate Recipe!

18 Jun

Father’s Day brought Death By Chocolate. An Easy Dessert that is one of my Dad’s favorites. More on that in a later post.


1 Box Brownie Mix

1 Big box Jello Instant Chocolate Puding

Cool Whip

Skor Bars- I did 6 we like A LOT of them!


Make pudding and set aside in fridge.

Next make brownies according to package directions then bake and let cool.

Next Smash up your Skor bars, I keep it classy like this and use whatever is handy…

Open put into a small bowl and set aside.

Next smash up brownies and begin to layer your trifle bowl!

Brownies first, pudding next the cool whip and skor bar, repeat the layering and VIOLA!!!!

Side view!

Top View!

So yummy…..well I didnt get to have any but take my word for it!


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