Old Cars and Adam Sandler aka Friday night

18 Jun

Friday night after work, we were on the lookout for something fun to do (like always). So we went to the car show that is held every Friday locally. Dan is really into cars, me not so much, but when you are married to someone who still loves you despite you being obsessed with Hello Kitty as a grown woman, you do things they like to do as well.

I really love Vintage things and cars are no exception, I was not as much a fan of the newer styles as the old and MINT condition cars. Seriously we do not have a garage at our house, but these people must and must spend all their time polishing and taking care of these cars. It honestly seemed like like all just drove off the showroom floor.

This one was nice, I do love the rumble seat. However my favorite one was from 1940 and was a convertible, sadly I didnt snap a picture. The boys weren’t so much into the cars like these, something about them not being fast enough…silly boys.

This car got its own picture because it is a 1968 Camaro I believe. Dan wants a 1969 also in blue but with white stripes and a darker blue. At least now I know what he is working with in his mind.

Then there was this car….

Yes that is a loudly painted Ford Fiesta and the boys actually loved it…..WHAT?!!?!?!
I don’t get it and it wasnt my cup of tea.

Another nice old car leaving (not the one I mentioned earlier).

As the cars started to leave it was our cue to do the same. We had a movie to get to! But since I swear I have radar for this kind of thing….


 Oh Hey Hello Kitty! Glad to see you in the parking lot on someone’s Volkswagen.

Then we headed off to the movies. We saw the new Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg movie Thats my boy. IT WAS SO HILLARIOUS!

Unexpectedly raunchy and one of the funniest A.S. movies in a long time. It had the same feel as Grandmas Boy and was pretty predictable but also pretty great. Dan said he will be buying it on DVD as soon as it is out. Critics of course trashed it, because thats what they do to movies that are actually good. I hope it does well though, because it was great. I figured it was going to be really stupid. Plus look for amazing cameos from super funny people! Susan Sarandon, Will Forte, Rachel Dratch, Vanilla Ice, Todd Bridges, Rex Ryan (as a super big New England Patriots Fan). *For those who are unaware, Rex Ryan is the coach of the NY Jets.

All in all a great Friday night. Plus I was off Saturday for a Scentsy party my Aunt had that went very well!

Coming Up: A death By Chocolate Recipe and A Father’s Day post!


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