Father’s Day Extravaganza!

19 Jun

Father’s Day was a very busy day! I was going to run a race in the morning before work but felt pretty tired and run down, I chalked it up to the Scentsy Party I had the day before at my Aunts house. Speaking of Scentsy I got this charm bracelet and charm in the mail as a sales reward! Really cute, and I might just add it it my current Pandora bracelet since it is not full.

So no race, then it was off to work. After work I went to the grocery store to get everything to make a taco bar! My memere was bringing enchiladas so I figured tacos were easy and yummy for a large crowd.

Enchiladas, she made two trays but I figured one picture would give you the basic idea!

Black bean and corn salsa, homemade Guacamole (thanks Mom), Chips and Hot sauce- truly a staple in eating!

Taco meat, and fat free spicy refried beans!

Taco fixings! Rice, two taco bell sauces, they were new at the store and everyone enjoyed them. Olives, onions, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese!

As you know THIS was dessert, the link will take you to my recipe!

Everyone really enjoyed it and had a great day!

The group minus Mom and I, my Mother in Law is on a work trip so she couldnt be here and we missed her!

Dan, his Dad joel, my Step Grandfather Papa John, Memere and Daddy! His outfit is awesome, love the crocs đŸ˜‰

Plus you know HE was here too getting love from everyone!

Then we gave everyone their cards and gifts, I bought my dads card only because I liked the front and it ended u saying my kids are so lucky t have a grandfather like you, yea I think I scared everyone a bit and learned an important lesson on card buying!

It was a great day and after everyone left I caught Dan taking pictures

I see a guest blog post in his future :).


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