Presidential Moms, Muddy Men and GREAT FOOD!

24 Jun

Wednesday I went to work and actually made it through the whole day! I mean I was exhausted and felt like I was hit by a truck, but I had a very important dinner to get to for a special person!

That night my Mom was sworn in as the President of the Willimantic Rotary Club.  We were all so proud of her!

But first this happened when I arrived home!

our yard

Our well, yea we had no water in the house from Sunday night until Wednesday night it was so nice to shower in our own house!

The culprits a Muddy Dad!

and….. Dan with a blow torch SCARY I went upstairs to get ready.

Then the dirty men got cleaned up and we headed to the BEAUTIFUL Bond Ballroom in Hartford to support Mom.

Then we had Dinner before she was officially sworn in.

Salad with Grapefruit…surprisingly good.

Dan had steak and I had chicken, both were good but my chicken was stuffed with mushrooms ICKY!

Finally Dessert

Then Mom was Sworn in and so Happy to have her picture taken, not really but…


Dad was happy for her also!

Finally I leave you with some pictures of Hartford, it was Beautiful that night.

The Capital Building.

Bushnell park, the Arch is where we ran our first race the Cupids Chase.

 HAVE A GREAT SUNDAY! I am going to attempt a treadmill walk or run….still pretty run down though.


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